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Zoom Leverpresso Piston & Portafilter Set

Leverpresso Piston & Portafilter Set


Did your dog get into the kitchen drying rack again and chew up your Leverpresso portafilter?

Did your piston wear down and is not gliding smoothly in the water cylinder anymore?


Don't worry, that's exactly why we have replacement Pistons & Portafilters.


We here at HUGH Inc. know sometimes parts wear out or get damaged and need to be updated or replaced, are here to help, that's why we made our machines 100% modular.


Why replace your entire machine when all you need a part replaced?

Enjoy a better cup of coffee in a more environmentally friendly way, that's our motto.

The package includes:

  • 1 - Replacement Piston for the Leverpresso (2020)
  • 1 - Replacement Portafilter for the Leverpresso (2020)


Replacement Piston & Portafilter Set

Replacement Portafilter: 25 grams
Replacement Piston: 33 grams


Replacement parts for Leverpresso (2020).


Tritan Plastic from Eastman



MFR. Hugh Inc.
South Korea
South Korea

This set includes 1 replacement Piston, 1 Portafilter for your Leverpresso (2020).

*Not compatible with the Leverpresso (2018).

 Safety Notice

Always use caution whenever using any manual espresso machine as high pressures and hot water are involved. Read and understand the operations manual fully before operating a Leverpresso.




Leverpresso Piston & Portafilter Set


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