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Leverpresso Pro: Premium Manual Espresso Maker

Introducing Leverpresso Pro, the manual
espresso maker that allows you to enjoy a perfect espresso anytime, anywhere.

The Leverpresso Pro available now

Leverpresso Pro with significantly improved durability and functionality is finally here.


Leverpresso – How to make the best espresso

While crema might not be vital for brewing a tasty espresso, it certainly adds that special twist. For those who like crema, follow our tips for making delicious crema-rich espresso with the help of the Leverpresso.


Product Highlights


A Traveling Coffee Brewer

The Pebble Bottle is a 3 in 1 brewing system. From brewing coffee, making tea, or creating fruit-infused water, the Pebble Bottle can do it all.


Simple & Perfect Coffee Brewing

1:5 water/coffee ratio, There is no air in contact with the coffeeKeep everything clean before, during and after the extraction. No hassle here!


Hot or Cold Coffee / Tea / Fruit Infusion

The unique and versatile filter gives you options and control. How would you like to start your day?


Just 3 Minutes

Start your morning off right in just 3 minutes with the Leverpresso. It doesn't just a better cup of coffee; it saves you time as well!


Experience Extraction

Enjoy the satisfaction of watching the extraction process through Leverpresso's transparent chamber.


Enjoy Anywhere & Anytime

Enjoy a cup of coffee anywhere you are and at anytime.


Join the Leverpresso Facebook Group!

Hi there! We have created a group for people who are interested in the Leverpresso just as much as you. We invite you to connect with Leverpresso owners and enthusiasts...

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The pioneer in the specialty coffee industry - Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine has featured the launch of Leverpresso Pro. The founder and CEO of HUGH Inc. Hyunsoo Kim shares...

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How To Make Latte With Leverpresso

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