HUGH Inc, develops and produces eco-friendly coffee wares.

Our first product 'Leverpresso', our objective is to make home cafe products energy effective and simple. Therefore, we will make our own unique and well-designed coffee product family

New Leverpresso will be releasse soon.

Finally, The New Leverpresso, which has significantly improved durability and usability, will be released soon.

Leverpresso – How to extract tasty Espresso

Crema is not an important part of espresso, but for those who like crema, we would like to share some tips for making delicious crema-rich espresso using Leverpresso.

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Pebble: Traveling Coffee brewer + Insulated Flask

It is fast and simple. The coffee extracted is not in contact with the air and it keeps the scent and the taste of the coffee intact. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to fall in love with.  We made this product so each one of us can drink it's own cold brew coffee or hot anywhere, anytime. 

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Traveling Coffee brewer

The Pebble bottle is a 3 in 1 flask brewing coffee and tea, infusing fruits and an insulated container. Let the Pebble bottle adapt to your needs. 

About Pebble Bottle
Simple & Perfect Coffee Brewing

1:5 water/coffee ratio, There is no air in contact with the coffeeKeep everything clean before, during and after the extraction.

How to Use
Hot or Cold Coffee / Tea / Fruit Infusion

The filter is also perfect to make hot coffee, tea or fruit infusion.

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Leverpresso: The Smallest Lever Espresso Maker

The Smallest Lever espresso maker. Inspired by classical hand operated lever machines, the Leverpresso allows you to make café-quality espressos, using your own recipes, anytime and anywhere.

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Just 3 Minutes

The perfect cup of coffee requires the right amount of effort. Start your morning off right by just investing 3 minutes a day.

About Leverpresso
Experience Extraction

Enjoy the satisfaction of watching the extraction process through Leverpresso's transparent chamber.

How to Use
Enjoy Anywhere & Anytime

Enjoy a cup of coffee anywhere you are and at anytime.           

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