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Why We're Thankful for Coffee

This year has cancelled countless events and has turned many lives upside down. Concerts, theater productions, and even the Olympics have been affected by the pandemic. 

Thankfully, there’s one thing that remains unchanged: coffee. While the holiday season will be looking much different this year, we can still enjoy our caffeine cravings in the safety of our homes. 

Here are just a few of the reasons why we’re grateful for coffee’s contribution to the world. 


It Helps us Get Through the Day

Many people would not be able to get through the day or even start their morning if it weren’t for coffee. Some even drink up to 4 cups a day, which is a perfectly safe consumption. 

Mario Ibrahimi - Unpslash

Not only does it help us to get our tasks done, but it has also been linked to preventing suicide. While the caffeine content stimulates the central nervous system, it also acts as an antidepressant by increasing levels of serotonin, or the “happy chemical.” 


Health Benefits

The dangers of coffee have been debated for centuries and we’re still learning about all of its effects on the body. However, there have been several studies that have shown coffee to actually be looking out for us.

Aside from drinking coffee as a stimulant to keep our attentiveness in check, it can also be used to burn fat and lose weight. If you’re living an active lifestyle, a caffeinated treat every morning won't hurt you at all. 

Coffee has even been shown to help lower the risk of several diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, and strokes. While the idea of coffee being carcinogenic has been disputed, that’s typically the case if the temperature is scalding upon consumption (around 65C/149F).

 Daria Shevtsova - Pexels

So, not only are you enjoying your favorite beverage, but you’re ensuring your health as well!


There’s a Kind of Coffee for Everyone 

There are over 30 types of coffee in the world. While the bitter taste associated with coffee may not be some people’s preference, this variety allows for many options. Even with these 30 types, there are endless variations of taste notes and recipes, ensuring that you will never run out of choices. 

The three main types of roasts are light, medium and dark. The basic rule is the lighter the roast, the more acidic and the more caffeine you’re getting. Darker roasts give you less caffeine and a more bitter taste. 

Aside from types of roasts, there are two main types of coffee beans sold around the world: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica tends to be sweeter, while Robusta is more bitter, but stronger.

 Valeriia Miller - Pexels

If all of that isn’t overwhelming enough, you have an endless assortment of espresso combinations, including traditional drinks such as espresso and americanos, and more luxurious beverages like flat whites and caramel macchiatos. 

The point is, if you’re still hesitant about your attunement to coffee, maybe you haven’t found the drink for you just yet!


We Almost Lost It - Several Times

Could you imagine a world without coffee? Just like alcohol was banned during the Prohibition in the 1920s and early 1930s, coffee has its own controversial history.

 Bill Oxford - Unsplash

In early 1500s Mecca, coffee was banned for its “radical thinking” effects and in early 16th century Italy, Pope Clement VIII saved coffee from being banned after clergymen labeled it as “Satanic.” The Pope, on the other hand, thought it was delicious. 

Coffee has always competed with beer, as they are opposite industries. In the late 1700s, Frederick the Great of Prussia felt that beer was superior to coffee and he tried to argue this idea. 

Thankfully, despite all of these obstacles, coffee is still here with us today.


It’s a Universal Beverage 

We love going to cafes for inspiration and socialization as much as any coffee drinker. However, our relationship with coffee can go so much further than a coffee shop. 

There are so many options nowadays for coffee to be enjoyed from anywhere. French presses, portable espresso machines, coffee brewers, thermoses - your choices are limitless. You can work from home with a cup in hand, take it on a hike, go camping, or grab it on the go if you don’t want to make it yourself. No matter the method, it’s always there for you for every activity. 

 Caleb Dow - Unsplash

These are just a few of the reasons we love coffee and are grateful for its existence. This year, while you’re socially distancing with your loved ones for the holidays, we hope that you remember to brew yourself a cup of quality espresso. 

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