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Pebble Bottle - The All Around Portable Brew Bottle

We are all living a pretty busy life these days, bouncing around from work to appointments and more, it seems like we’re always on the go. That’s why getting your daily dose of coffee, though vital, can be extremely difficult sometimes especially if you can’t find the time to pop into a coffee shop or even sadly enjoy a brief moment at home in the morning. That's why we created the Pebble Bottle to make your life a little bit easier. Prepare coffee, tea or fruit infused water fast and easy at home and take it on the go. 

No more wasting time or money at overpriced cafes, bothering with environmentally toxic pod machines, or worse, that subpar barely palatable instant stuff that comes out of a plastic bin. With the Pebble Bottle it’s never been easier for you to carry your coffee brewer with you, you can even store extra coffee or tea in the cap so you can top off your fresh-brewed beverage later. Brew anything from fresh coffee, hot tea or even homemade ciders, you can even make your own fruit infusions or spiced drinks, Pebble Bottle does it all anywhere you are. The Pebble Bottle comes in five different colors, royal blue, ivory white, charcoal black, silver and pink with a bottle size of 72 x 201cm and holds up to 480ml. All parts are BPA-free and phthalate-free. 

Pebble Bottle is fast and simple. We wanted to offer an experience that maximized the flavor, scent, and smoothness of cold brew coffee, while providing the ultimate portable and diversified experience. By extracting the coffee in a sealed container, the flavor and scent remain encapsulated in the tumbler keeping it as fresh as possible  so you can enjoy your cold brew to the fullest extent whenever you want. We've made it easy to use and easy to clean so that you can easily fall in love with the Pebble Bottle. We designed it with the goal of allowing cold brew fanatics to brew and drink anywhere. 

 pebble bottle colors

More than a filter

To give you the best coffee experience we are using a high-quality filter that reduces the remaining fine coffee powder for a clean and refreshing taste. With the specially designed double micro filter, you don't have to worry about paper taste or grainy coffee anymore. The 14µ mesh filter leaves your drink smooth and crystal clean every time. No more relying on wasteful disposables! While a typical single wall filter is unable to completely filter out all of the coffee residue resulting in an unpleasant sandy taste that can affect the way you enjoy your coffee, the Pebble Bottle prevents this with its Double Micron Filter.

This high-quality filter, made of stainless steel, reduces the remaining fine coffee powder for a clean and refreshing taste. 

pebble bottle mesh filter basket

A special ceramic coating ensures perfect temperature and taste at all times. No one likes their warm coffee or tea to get cold fast or to suddenly change its taste if you have forgotten to drink it in time. Thanks to a special ceramic coating inside the bottle, the Pebble Bottle keeps the temperature inside and avoids any changes of taste. Compared to glass or steel, ceramic retains more heat. Not only does it keep the drink from cooling down too fast, ceramic coating is also very durable. A good ceramic coating as we used in the Pebble Bottle can last up to 3 or 4 years without the steel layer becoming visible. Ceramic coating is also corrosion resistant, has a smoother surface than steel and avoids the drink from tasting sandy. 

pebble bottle ceramic coatingpebble bottle thermal layers

Anything you like from Cold brew, Tea to Fruit Infused Water

The Pebble Bottle is not just for brewing delicious cold brew, but can also be easily used to brew tea or to make fruit infused waters. Also the ceramic lining is easy to clean and food tested safe. No more metal taste or smelly buildup of drinks past. Another special feature is the extra storage hidden in the cap for storing tea, coffee, or anything extra you might need on the go. 

An all around-er - Making anything from cold brew, tea to fruit infused waters!

Making cold brew with the Pebble Bottle is as easy as it has ever been before. No more annoying steps of filtering your cold brew before actually drinking it. Thanks to the Double Micro filter, the coffee grounds will be in the water overnight but will be held in a removable filter. So all you need to do to enjoy coffee is take out the filter and get ready to drink. The "Cold" Brew coffee is extracted right into our thermal vacuum bottle which allows your coffee to remain at the perfect temperature all day long.

Cold brew is one of the most popular drinks these days. With its soft flavor, it especially attracts non-coffee fans who don't like the strong and sometimes bitter taste of usual extracted espresso. But also many coffee fanatics enjoy the special taste of cold brew. Thanks to the cold water immersion technique cold brew coffee has a significant soft flavor compared to conventional espresso and is probably one of the easiest coffees to brew. The only thing you need to consider is time. You can easily prepare cold brew in large bulbs overnight and keep it in the refrigerator for up to 7-10 days after taking out the coffee grounds. You also do not need to afford an expensive coffee machine to make delicious cold brew at home. You can for example use the Pebble Bottle to easily prepare cold brew a day prior. 

We recommend brewing with a 1:5 coffee to water ratio. Zero contact with air starting from the brewing process to the moment you begin drinking, allows your coffee or tea to retain its flavor over a long period of time.

Unlike the traditional cold brew method, with Pebble Bottle you can extract your coffee right into the thermal vacuum bottle which allows your coffee to remain the perfect temperature all day long.

Here is an easy recipe for your next cold brew with the Pebble Bottle:

1. Put the ground coffee in the filter and add water in the bottle.

pebble bottle how to 1

2. Put it in the fridge for 10 -12 hours.

3. Remove the filter from the Pebble Bottle.

4. Enjoy your coffee

    how to enjoy coffee with the pebble bottle


    You are not a coffee drinker and rather prefer freshly brewed tea? No problem, with the Pebble Bottle you can decide whether you want to brew coffee or tea. No more need for tea in non-reusable tea bags. With the micro filter you can brew tea whenever and how often you like. Fill the filter basket with the tea of your choice and add hot water on top. Let it sit in hot water as long as recommended (each tea has a unique brewing time), take the filter basket out and enjoy your tea either right away or later. The ceramic coating as well as sealing at the cap of the bottle will keep your tea fresh and warm. 

    tea with the pebble bottle


    The Perfect Partner for your next outdoor Adventure

    the pebble bottle cold brew coffee travel companion

    People all around the world enjoy their daily coffee or tea with most people still using non-reusable paper cups every day. This is a huge threat to the planet's nature and wildlife. No wonder more and more companies are producing reusable coffee cups, to help reduce the number of paper cups. With the Pebble Bottle we also wanted to create a reusable and portable to go bottle that does not just include high functionality features but also looks good. With the aesthetic and simple design the Pebble Bottle is definitely an eye catcher anywhere you go. The special sealing in the cap prevents coffee or tea from dripping out while you are on the run and its slim body and low weight makes carrying easy for everyone. We also included a hidden storage in the cap of the bottle, to either store fresh coffee or tea grounds, medicine or anything else you might need on the go.

    The Pebble Bottle is the perfect all-rounder for everyone. If we caught your interest with this article go to our online store and get your own personal Pebble Bottle now!

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