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Espresso Channeling and Leveling Issues and Fixes For Perfect Espresso

In order to get the most out of your Leverpresso experience, it’s helpful to understand what leveling and channeling your espresso means. If not done correctly, it can hinder your morning caffeine. 

Not to worry! We’ll discuss each process to ensure you always have a satisfying cup of coffee.



Before channeling can become an issue, it’s important to be sure you are leveling the grounds properly. 

After putting the ground coffee in the basket, spread it out evenly. If the coffee is not leveled, the water will not go through the middle of the ground coffee, but rather on the side of it. This can result in a faulty extraction of coffee and will have an impact on the taste.


espresso grind leveling and tampering from whole coffee beans
Photo by Zarak Khan on Unsplash



You do not want to experience channeling when pulling your espresso and it can be frustrating when it happens. This occurs if the water finds a specific path rather than a normal stream. If the ratio of grounds and water are not distributed evenly, the end result of the flavoring won’t be sufficient.

Accordingly, the parts with an excess of coffee grounds will not provide the right amount of extracted coffee. 

Sometimes, the ground coffee can be compact and not evenly spread before tamping. If you tamp without leveling and extracting directly, the water will not properly go through the grounds.


Photo by Enis Yavuz on Unsplash


To avoid these issues, we recommend making sure that your coffee grounds are distributed evenly rather than in a specific place. Also, don’t let your tamper tilt or go to the side. Tampering should always be done at a level.

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