3 Cold Brewing Methods

What do you think about cold and refreshing drinks for summer?
Here is 3 ways to brew your cold coffee and enjoy your summer even more.


Immersion Cold Brew

Immersion cold brew is made by soaking the coffee ground into filtered and cool water.
The acidic compounds are extracted with the high temperature of the water so the cold brew would be less acid and bitter than regular coffee.
In order to make a coffee with the Immersion cold brew method, you would need a recipient, ground coffee, cold water, another recipient and a coffee paper filter.

How to make it at home:

  • For 1 dose of ground coffee, put 10 dose of cold water
  • Mix the ground coffee and the water with a wooden spoon
  • Put it in the fridge for at least 8 hours. To have it all done in the morning, prepare it on the evening and let it overnight in the fridge
  • Mix again the ground coffee and the water with a wooden spoon
  • Filter the liquid
  • Enjoy your coffee!

Dutch Coffee

Historically, Dutch coffee was not created in Holland but in India by Dutch traders and then got famous in Korea and Japan. After some time, it spread out to Australia and the United States, but it took a few hundred years to become known in Europe and in Holland.

This way of brewing is sometimes referred as the Japanese drip coffee and the Dutch coffee makers are also known as cold drip makers. The specificity of this method is that the water is dripping very slowly over the ground coffee and it could take up to 18 hours to get the coffee done.

How to make it at home:

  • Put 25 grams of coffee ground (light roasted beans), for 250ml of water, on the filter
  • Put a paper filter on top of the coffee ground
  • Pre-wet the top filter
  • Pour water on top of it
  • Wait for a few hours depending on your material
  • Place it in the fridge when the extraction is over
  • Enjoy a cold and refreshing coffee when you need it!

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


Nitro cold brew

Photo by Kody Gautier on Unsplash

Before using the Nitrogen, the food scientist, Nate Ambrust, tried to infuse the coffee with carbon dioxide. In the opposite to the Nitrogen, the CO2 added acidity to the coffee and the result wasn’t as wanted Nitro cold brewing is coffee infused with Nitrogen and extracted through a pressurized valve. The high pressure will give the coffee a smooth cream and the Guinness Beer looking.
Stumptown Coffee Roasters has popularized the nitro coffee and until recently you could only have it in a coffee shop or buy it as can.
Now with the home nitro cold brewer in the market, you could do it easily at home.

How to make it at home:

  • Fill the filter of the Nitro cold brewer with coffee ground
  • Put the filter in the machin
  • Add cold water
  • Charge the cap on
  • Put it in the fridge for a few hours or overnight
  • Enjoy your nitro coffee !



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