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Zoom HUGH, by IMS Precision Filter Basket 51 mm Stainless Steel Portafilter Basket
Zoom HUGH by IMS Competition Filter Basket

HUGH by IMS Competition Filter Basket


Compatible with: DeLonghi, McNulty, Planit, Boral, Wiswell, Moz, ROK, Smeg, Cozeemax, Yabano, Lafeeca, Capresso, Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine, Solis, Galanz Retro, Nereva and etc. Please, check the size before purchasing.

51 mm 18-gram Ridgeless Portafilter Basket

Product Height: 26mm
Outer Ring: ø60mm
Inside (Top) Basket: ø51mm
Outside Basket: ø52mm 


Nonpressurized: 24 grams


51mm 18 gram Portafilter Basket for the Leverpresso.

The Nonpressurized (Bottomless) Portafilter Basket fits most standard 51mm espresso portafilters.

The basket accommodates 15-19 grams of coffee.

SIngle wall filter basket


304 Food Grade Stainless Steel







HUGH by IMS Competition Filter Basket


51mm IMS Best Line Of Filters

The first line of filters created by a collaboration between HUGH and IMS Competition Line Filters to bring out the best coffee taste.

The IMS Competition Line was created for the 2011 Barista Championship with special technology of perforation with an ultimate number of uniform, polished holes for a better tasting coffee.

Perfect precise perforation

The patented IMS perforation technology creates holes with uniform size which also have a smooth surface without any rough edges that can filter out the coffee beans perfectly for a seamless coffee extraction.

Maximum perforation density

Dense perforation with a maximum number of 593 holes optimized for 51 mm portafilter baskets.
Electro-polishing technique was used to treat the surface to create uniform holes and to protect the coffee flavor.


This filter basket is a standard size of 51mm and it is suitable for most coffee machines: McNulty, Delonghi, Planit, Boral, Wizwell, Moz, ROK etc.
(Please, check the size according to the picture of the filter before purchasing)

Available Portafilter Sizes

This filter is compatible with most machines that use the standard 51mm size portafilter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Trevor R.
Impressive and tasty

Very impressed with the quality of this filter basket. The "HUGH." imprint on the bottom looks amazing as pre-infusion begins. Best, and most important of all, I get great extractions with this.

A bit too tight for Delonghi Dedica 785

Due to the curved lip of the filter basket it fits too tight in a delonghi Dedica 785. You really have to pull hard to close in the porta. As its lip is all curved up & a bit high as against a slightly raised ring in the delonghi baskets. I only hope it will ease with time & I have purchased a compatible product. But the extraction is excellent.

Chris L
Not as good as expected.

Holes are not as cleanly cut as expected. They could be spread a bit wider too. The Extraction is ok but not great. The knock out is a bit Ruth. The fit is perfect tho.

Thank you for your valuable feedback . We're glad the fit is perfect, but we note your concerns about the holes' cleanliness, spacing, extraction, and the knock-out process.
For your next shipment, we will ensure a more meticulous inspection to provide you with the highest quality components. We're committed to enhancing your experience with our product.

Good basket

My Casabrews 3700 machine accommodates it perfectly, extracting excellent shots when paired with a 'naked' portafilter—a recipe for success.

Shard D
Brilliant bottle and exceptional baskets

I use the baskets on a delonghi ECP3420 with the provided portafilter (with the bottom cut off fits perfectly) and get amazing espresso. The bottle is great for filter coffee! Highly recommend

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