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Zoom Leverpresso V4 Upgrade Kit

Leverpresso V4 Upgrade Kit


This product is an upgrade kit that allows you to upgrade from Leverpresso V3 to V4. It is not compatible with V1 or V2.

Included components: 1 cylinder, 1 portafilter, 1 piston, 1 cup, 1 shower screen, 1 O-ring, 1 silicone cover.


Leverpresso V4 Upgrade Kit


Customer Reviews

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Ahmad Shahhir Isa
V4 upgrade kit.

Look more rigid body. Hopefully that chamber not crack as previous chamber.

Vlada Krivitskaya
finally I can review it after V3

I managed to take the screws apart with different pliers. Because the screws are barely alive now, the whole device is ratling a lot, but soft screws don't allow me to tighten them.
I appreciate your effort with the explanation on how to use the instruments. As I said, I know how to be careful with instruments and I was extremely careful with Levepresso's screws. Your care for the customers is obvious.
V4 is definitely stronger than V3. It feels better in many ways. Not without its drawbacks though. After washing it very carefully, I keep seeing new pieces of this black plastic in the shower screen after several shots. I hope it's safe. On touch, V3 felt much more refined but if V4 serves longer, that's what's important.
All and all, I love the mechanism, the affordability, the portability. The downsides are that reliebility, from my experience. I believe the whole device must be perfect when it's made of metal like the Pro version, but Pro is a bit too expensive for the entry level.
Still, I'm glad that small companies like this exist. Thank you!

Thank you for resolving the issue in the previous response. I appreciate your communication. To ensure safe usage, I have sent replacement connecting rods and screws. Please replace them and continue using the device.

Vlada Krivitskaya
upgrade kit

I've received it. Thanks for including 2 screws, just as I mentioned, I thought I had a problem with one!
Well, while trying to swap the chambers, it turned out 1 screw came off fine, 2 and 3 screws feel soft like copper as I apply any turning force with the provided allen key (I tried 3 in total, no problem in the size) - the keys turn inside thee screw heads with no resistance and can't unscrew them, screw 4 turns together with the reciprocal part into wich it screws. I've tried everything and trust me I know how to use instruments. Can't put it back, can't turn it apart. Instead of an upgrade I have a ruined Leverpresso, $200 down the drain in total and no coffee to make at home. Any suggestions that don't involve spending more money? Shipping alone is $25 every time

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're facing with the upgrade kit. It seems like the connecting rod axis may be stripped or encountering some other difficulty. When the connecting rod axis spins freely, Here are some suggestions to try and resolve the issue:

1. Use Rubber or Coated Gloves: Wear rubber or coated gloves to get a better grip on the connecting rod. Sometimes, the added friction can help you turn the screws without them slipping.

2. Firm Grip with Finger: Hold the opposite side of the bolt firmly with your index finger to prevent it from turning while using the allen key to unscrew it.

3. Apply Pressure: Apply downward pressure while turning the allen key. This can sometimes help the key grip onto the stripped edges of the screw.

If, after trying these suggestions, you still cannot remove the screws, please contact us. We will arrange to send you a replacement lever and connecting rod at no additional cost. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your understanding.


your screws are kinda soft. I carefully took my v3 apart for cleaning once, used it for a while and the chamber cracked. The v4 kit is about to arrive but I can't take my v3 apart because the allen screw top thread is worn out. It would've been nice if the upgrade kit contained the screws

We appreciate your feedback, and we will include extra screws in future upgrade kits to address this issue. Thank you for bringing it to our attention, and we hope you enjoy your V4 kit.

Kean Riekenbrauck
Upgrade kit

No instructions provided on how to upgrade. Lots of small parts. No guidance.

I apologize for the inconvenience.
We have prepared an instruction manual for the upgrade process, and we will include it.

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