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Why You Should Go All-In On Espresso as an Online Gamer

Coffee has become ingrained as a part of our culture. Whether it is to help us stay awake during an all-night research session or as a part of a catch-up with friends, coffee has become a welcome part of our lives, to the point where two billion cups of it are consumed every day around the world.

There has been a mountain of research on the effects of caffeine on both the mind and the body. While its impact on increasing alertness and reducing fatigue is well known, there is also a growing body of research into its benefits on exercise. An espresso before a race or before a weight training session at the gym can have a positive impact on performance.

Of course, it isn’t just highly physical sports that benefit from caffeine. Many in the field of online gaming consume it to keep their minds sharp and their reflexes quick. Whether they need to stay alert during a long Call of Duty match or to fight off tiredness during an online poker tournament, many online gamers need their favorite caffeine fix to keep them on the top of their game.

If you’re serious about online gaming, then chances are you’ve already got your coffee drink of choice. We've got a few recipes for you to try if you need some ideas on how to drink your coffee. If you’re still on the fence, there are a few reasons why espresso could be the right choice for you.

Improved Memory

The concentrated dose of caffeine in espresso makes it easy to get the boost you need when you need it the most and it has been shown to improve memory at key moments. This is important because there are a lot of things to remember in an online game. In poker, there are poker hand rankings to remember at the basic level, but perhaps there will be pot odds to calculate and player behaviors to study the deeper you get into a game. This needs alertness and a sharp mind, which caffeine certainly helps with. Remembering key points of maps in a First-Person Shooter is equally important and can be the difference between winning and losing a match.

Reduce Fatigue

While you shouldn’t drink any form of caffeine as a way to avoid sleep, there are plenty of reasons why you’ll want a quick kick when you find yourself getting tired during an online gaming session. Many tournaments can last for hours and one slip can cause players to crash out prematurely, so having a cup of espresso before tiredness causes you to lose focus is important, whether you’re in a fighting game or locked in at the final table of a poker tournament.

Quicker Reflexes

Fighting games are particularly brutal and they require fast reactions. In a genre that often measures time and distances in frames, being quicker than your opponent is absolutely crucial. This is just as true in shooters, where being able to identify the enemy and take the shot before they identify you is key. Caffeine can give those reflexes a much-needed boost, and espresso’s concentrated dose of caffeine lets you feel its effects much quicker. If you’re finding that the lag is with your brain rather than your PC, maybe a quick caffeine fix is the way to go.

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