Coffee 10 Fun Facts

Coffee 10 Fun Facts

Coffee is the third most consume beverage in the world, coming after water and tea. It is now part of our daily life. However, do we know everything about it? There are many fun facts about coffee throughout the History and today we would like to share some of them with you.


  1. King Charles II of England attempted to ban the Coffee Houses in 1675

Between the 16th century and the 17th century, the coffee houses got popular in England and people used to go there to discuss and gossip about everything. King Charles became nervous and he decided to ban the coffee houses for a while. The proclamation was cancelled two days before taking effect thanks to his ministers.

  1. Brazil produces over 305 of the world’s coffee

In 2017 /2018, Brazil was the largest coffee producer worldwide by producing a third of the world’s coffee. Most of their coffee plants are in the South East of the country where the climate is more appropriate. They mainly produce Arabica at 90%. The other countries of the Top 5 coffee producers are Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia and Honduras.

  1. Coffee was tried to be banned at least five times in the History

Between the early 16th century and the late 18th, at least five coffee banning attempt were made over the world for various reasons. Coffee was banned for the belief of radical thinking in La Mecca (1511), labeled satanic in Italy, or because it was competing with the beer industry. In Sweden, Gustav III tried to prove that coffee was dangerous by conducting an experiment on life-sentenced twins. One of the twin would drink tea every day and the other would drink the same amount of coffee. Gustav III died before the end of the experiment, which ended with the opposite results as wanted. The twin that drank tea died before at age 83.

  1. The world daily coffee consumption is 2.25 billion cups of coffee

Coffee is not surprisingly one the most drinking beverage worldwide. It arrives just after the tea. The most drinking type of coffee is the espresso following by the Americano and the Ice Latte.


  1. The world most expensive coffee is the Black Ivory Coffee

You might have seen it in the news but we wanted to share it. At first, the best 100% Thai Arabica coffee cherries are carefully picked up and then they will mix them with the elephant favorite food. Once the elephant process the coffee cherries, they are handpicked, washed, raked and sun-dried. Just after all those steps, the beans will be roasted. In order to make 1kg of Black Ivory Coffee, around 33kg of coffee cherries would be needed. The price is up to $1,000 for 500g.


  1. Finland has the heaviest coffee drinkers

The average consumption of coffee per person in Finland is 12kg, which place them at the first place followed by Norway and Iceland (2018). The United States are quite far behind with around 4.2kg per year. One of the main explanation for them to drink this amount of coffee is the extreme cold.


  1. The largest cup of coffee is 18,012.07 Liters

Honduras detain the title of the world’s largest cup of coffee. This world record took place in November 2018 in Gracias (Honduras) and the company behind it is Marca País Honduras. The cup measures 3.36 meters high and 3 meters in diameters. This cup can contain 18,012.07 liters of coffee.


  1. US rationed coffee for 8 months between 1942 and 1943

In the middle of the World War II, the US government decided to ration the coffee to make it on an equal basis for all the citizens and give the right amount of it to the military. The ration was about 4.5 kg, which is the average coffee consumption in the United States nowadays. However, before the ration, the coffee consumption was more likely around 8–9 kg. 


  1. The 2 mains categories of coffee are Robusta and Arabica

Worldwide, the two mains coffee beans you could find are Arabica and Robusta. Robusta, which is the strongest in caffeine, represents around 30% of the world consumption. Arabica is the most selling coffee beans around the world, the caffeine content is less and it contains more sugar than the Robusta. (Infographic)


  1. In the Ancient time, a woman could divorce because of coffee

Back in the past, in Ottoman, a woman could ask for divorce if her husband was not providing her enough or enough fresh coffee.

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